Red Light and Infared Therapies, Anti-Aging, Skin Conditions, Joint and Muscle Recovery and Slimming Treatments

A more luminous, relaxed, sexier you is less than an hour away.   

Experience the transformative power of our anti-aging, slimming treatments that make you glow from within.

  • Defy wrinkles, sagging, and bloat with FDA-approved LED cool red light and infrared treatments.
  • See a smoother complexion, wrinkle-free eyes, a slimmer jaw and neck, and defined cheekbones.
  • Experience reduced aches, pain, and quicker recovery.
  • Red light therapies penetrate deep to energize cells for regeneration and healing.
  • Enjoy the benefits of visible and invisible light wavelengths for overall skin and cellular health.

Which Spa and Wellness option is best for you?

So, what’s the difference between red light therapy and infrared light?

Red light therapy and infrared light therapy offer healing properties but with slight differences. Red light stimulates cell energy production, while infrared light heats cells for stimulation. Combining both therapies provides a synergistic effect, penetrating and healing different layers of the body.

Our Poly Pro Rejuv 5-panel LED red light arm is a versatile tool used by various professionals. With multiple wavelengths and a flexible design, it targets specific areas comfortably. Suitable for all ages, it delivers safe, highly beneficial, and effective treatment options for a wide range of conditions.