Poly Pro Clear Blue Light Therapy for Acne

Get clearer skin fast!

Southern Tan and Wellness is introducing the latest blue light technology for skin treatment. LED Light therapy is a safe and effective treatment for breakouts, clogged pores and oily skin. Blue light therapy kills bacteria on the skin, preventing future inflammation and overproduction of oil.

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Combining blue and red light therapy increases treatment efficacy and improves skin texture, tone, and clarity. Poly Pro Clear has patented a new treatment protocol that combines blue and red light therapy. Benefits of Poly Pro Clear include reduced acne, inflammation, redness, and oil production, elimination of bacteria from pores, prevention of new breakouts, drug-free, can be used with topical treatments, and does not cause scarring


The benefits of blue light therapy are cumulative, so for the machine to be effective there needs to be adequate time spent under the light for continuous periods of several weeks.


For optimum result most patients require 2 sessions per week for 6-8 weeks depending on severity.