Poly Pro Rejuv Red Light Panel for Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation + Pain Management and Muscle Recovery

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Poly Pro uses FDA-cleared red light therapy to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, redness, acne, and age spots for a firmer, smoother appearance. The low-wavelength light penetrates the middle layer of the dermis, energizing cells to produce collagen and regenerate faster.

It’s safe and effective on all skin types, and results are visible in about 2 months with consistent use. Poly Pro can be used alone or with other anti-aging regimens.


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Poly Pro for Pain Management and Muscle Recovery

Red light stimulates the body’s natural process of healing by stimulating mitochondria to make new cells at a faster rate.  What does that mean for your muscles and joints?

In a comprehensive trial study, subjects who exercised specific muscles, then used a red light therapeutic devise (Photobiomodulation or PBM)  increased  the strength of the muscle by 55%, more than twice as much as the control group who exercised without red light therapy. Subjects who used red light therapy after each exercise session also reported a significant decrease in muscle soreness.

Benefits of Poly Pro Rejuv Red Light Panel Arm

  • Poly Pro Rejuv Red Light Panel Arm offers multiple benefits including deep penetration to stimulate collagen, safe for all skin types, and FDA-cleared for various skin conditions.
  • It provides pain relief, speeds up muscle recovery, and increases muscle strength by up to 55%.
  • The flexible arm allows for targeted treatment and it’s cool to use with no known negative side effects.