Versa Pro Sunless Tanning Booth

Five minutes to blissed out and gorgeous!

Experience our luxurious heated, open-air sunless spa, leaving you blissful and radiant.

  • Three nozzles ensure an even, moisturizing spray for a radiant glow.
  • Anti-aging infra-red heat dries your skin smoothly.
  • Follow easy voice prompts for a seamless 5-minute tanning experience.
  • Choose full body or focus on specific areas.
  • Three levels of color provide a luminous, long-lasting, flawless glow.
  • Our cruelty-free formula with marine algae, Aloe Vera, green tea, and antioxidants leaves your skin firm and hydrated.


Add On Formulations are all great for all skin tones and types:

  • VersaSpa Pro Premium Catalina Solution Bronzer is great for all skin tones adds instant color and enhances your developing tan with cool brown and violet undertones for a deeper, richer look.
  • VersaSpa Pro Perfector is the ultimate moisturizer for a healthy-looking glow. Grape seed extract penetrates deep into the skin layers to give you a supple, touchable look.
  • VersaSp Pro Moisturizer Ginger root and green tea post-tan moisturizer lock in color, firms and soothes even trouble areas for a flawless, elegant finish.